Family & Personal Matters: Expat Divorce In Dubai

Family and Personal Legal Matters

Dubai’s present local laws are a reflection of the Islamic Sharia Law. Working with the right lawyers in dubai can help a client by providing a professional legal team to assist with such understanding of local traditions and cultures based on this type of law. Qualified dubai lawyers are specialists in the field of Expatriate areas like family & personal matters, divorce, and separation. Lawyers in Dubai should be able to properly represent the client and guarantees professional services.

The UAE is a cultural mecca, a melting pot consisting of more than 200 nationalities worldwide. Today, these different cultures and nationalities account for more than 84 percent of the population. The subject of family & personal matters where the breakdown of a relationship and then divorce which may be involved in Dubai touches upon many areas. It is important for clients to understand the basic areas of the UAE divorce process.

For expats, there typically is a choice of jurisdiction when divorce proceedings begin. During the period of time in which the husband or wife have lived, the date of birth of both parties, and the local UAE courthouse are factors which are normally considered. Jurisdiction is basically the court’s ability to approve of an application to move forward with divorce.

In Dubai, if a divorce is going to take place within the UAE court system, the law requires that a dependent mother and housewife is not permitted to seek asset shares. Such shares are held in the name of the husband. The UAE law provides very limited spousal care in these situations, much different than the English law, where courts have more options when it comes to asset redistribution and income. Also, in the UAE, adultery is considered to be a criminal offense. It can play a significant factor for an expatriate when divorce involves custody of children.

How long does the UAE divorce process take?

If both parties have finally come to an agreement together for a divorce, the complete process can be up to three months in the UAE. In Western divorce proceedings, the time is much longer. Under UAE law, each party will retain both the properties and assets that are in their names. In English law, redistribution of assets during divorce are conducted.

What happens when a spouse is threatening to leave with the children?

A travel ban can be applied if a spouse may pose threat to leaving Dubai and the UAE with the children. Such a travel ban is a simple process and can be applied by either the husband or the wife. A travel ban will prevent the party from leaving the country with the children. However, in the UAE, a mother may have tougher challenges to obtaining the removal of a travel ban which has been set in place by the father.

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